Viele der kleinstrukturierten Einzellagen des Sausals wurden bereits 1322 namentlich vom Erzbistum Salzburg erfasst, der Klerus trieb diese Qualitätsarbeit auch in den folgenden Jahrhunderten voran. Die Kleinklimata und unterschiedliche Bodenstruktur wurden damals durch ihre Beobachtung über einen längeren Zeitraum bewertet und katalogisiert.

Wie in allen anderen Weinbaugebieten Österreichs werden auch im Sausal zur Zeit alle Rieden neu vermessen und im Riedenkataster erfasst. Wir am Weingut Warga-Hack bewirtschaften rund zehn Hektar in den Rieden Wilhelmshöhe, Pistor, Trebien und Römerstraße.



Wilhelmshöhe is a Warga-Hack monopole (fully owned site). It is characterized on the one hand by the southern basin, which brings high daily temperatures, and on the other hand by the proximity of the Koralpe, which is responsible for low temperatures at night. An exciting single- site vineyard, in which future vintage wines full of character mature every year.

Blue-black slate
Southern exposure with southern basin
500 bis 600m Seehöhe
45 bis 60% Hangneigung
20 and 50 years alte Rebstöcke
Welschriesling Ried Wilhelmshöhe, Sauvignon blanc Ried Wilhelmshöhe, Morillon Ried Wilhelmshöhe, Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) Ried Wilhelmshöhe



The Pistor vineyard is a monopole (fully owned site). on terraces, characterized by its steep grades and particularly barren slate soil with a very low humus content. This barrenness is perfect for the late-ripening Riesling, whose growing season is thereby slowed down and whose ripening time is delayed even further. The flavors are thus particularly precise, with a low alcohol content and a very good impression on the palate.

Blue-black slate
Southwestern exposure
440 to 540m Seehöhe
50 to 70 % Hangneigung
20 years alte Rebstöcke
Riesling Ried Pistor



The Trebien vineyard is located in Kitzeck, about five kilometres from Höch. This is where our Ortswein (local "Kitzeck-Sausal" wines) begin. They stand for Sausal typicality: clear varietal flavors, delicate fruit, minerality, and a fine acidity.

Red slate
South-Southwestern exposure
440 to 530m Seehöhe
45 to 50% Hangneigung
30 years alte Rebstöcke
Welschriesling Kitzeck-Sausal, Weißburgunder Kitzeck-Sausal, Sauvignon blanc Kitzeck-Sausal, Riesling Kitzeck-Sausal



Römerstraße is a very special vineyard, divided in two by a road. Below the road it has a trajectory up to a 100% grade, and above the road it is laid out on terraces. Both parts are cultivated exclusively by hand without the use of tractors. The grapes from the Römerstraße provide the perfect basis for our natural wines. Due to the higher temperatures caused by the southwest orientation, the grapes produce less acid, which makes them ideal for mash fermentation.

Red slate
Southwestern exposure
380 to 460m Seehöhe
50 to 100 % Hangneigung
20 and 40 years alte Rebstöcke
Welschriesling Maische, Sauvignon blanc Maische Muskateller Maische, Sauvignon Blanc natur