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Ried Pistor

Riesling, 2017

  • 55-60 % Slant
  • Biodynamic Handwork

When it comes to provenance, the proof should be on the palate. It must explain the where and the why. The Sausal terroir tells its own tale: freshness, acidity and fruit which politely holds back. This wine, with its slate character, razor-sharp acidity and delicate fruity notes of lime and stone fruit, gives us a first taste of its fantastic future as it ages.

 21,00 inkl. Ust

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Natur, 2018
 29,00 inkl. Ust
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Ried Wilhelmshöhe, 2017
 21,00 inkl. Ust
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Kitzeck - Sausal, 2017
 16,00 inkl. Ust
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