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Ried Wilhelmshöhe

Welschriesling, 2017

  • 45-50 % Slant
  • Biodynamic Handwork

Our Wilhelmshöhe Welschriesling showcases the calm, quiet manner of this Styrian classic that may and must ripen in order to offer more than just playful fruitiness. We rely on the right dose of ripeness in order to obtain a gentler expression of fruit but also a juicy palate. This is Welschriesling as we like it.

 16,00 inkl. Ust

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Natur, 2018
 29,00 inkl. Ust
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Ried Wilhelmshöhe, 2017
 21,00 inkl. Ust
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Kitzeck - Sausal, 2017
 16,00 inkl. Ust
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