The Warga-Hack Winery

Unique vineyards in the Sausal.

Since 2002, we - Jasmin & Rainer Hack – have managed the winery together. Prior to that, Rainer was solely responsible for it for four years, after taking it over in 1998. An important part of our ten hectares of vineyards comes from Jasmin's family.

In 2004, one year after the birth of our first child, we began with organic farming, followed by our certification in 2009. Warga-Hack was the first certified organic winery in Kitzeck, our former business location. In 2017 we went one step further and became a member of the Demeter biodynamic association. A decision that not only affects our winemaking and wine stylistics, but above all has had a large and visible impact on our vineyards. Since the conversion, these vineyards have been full of biodiversity, rich in animal and plant life, differing greatly from the wine monocultures still common around here. We see our vineyards as a habitat for unending nature and as an adventure playground for our three children.


Jasmin Scheuer-Hack and Rainer Hack got married in 2002 and now have three children: Maximilian, born in 2003, Ferdinand in 2006, and Theresa in 2012. The birth of our first child was also the main impulse for converting to ecological agriculture, so our children could grow up in unencumbered, rich nature. We were able to quickly counter the unanimous conviction in the region that because of its climatic and geological conditions the Sausal is not suitable for organic farming, with our soon perfectly flowering and vital vineyards, as well as our high-quality wines. We are jointly responsible for all the wines of the winery.

Fully Convinced


We have been certified members of Demeter, the world's oldest biodynamic agricultural association, since 2017. In Austria, around 60 wineries belong to the association, characterized by collective continuing education, preparation days, and friendly cooperation.

Biodynamic farming is subject to strict guidelines that go far beyond the standards of EU organic regulations, and are certified by independent inspecting bodies. Biodynamic farming focuses on the health of the soil and vines, a great personal concern of ours.

The core issue of biodynamics is the circular economy, and with it independence from warehouses and other suppliers. Ideally, a farm is autonomous, which is why biodynamic winemakers often also keep animals. The animal life determines the plant life and vice versa.

Plant and animal biodiversity in the vineyards and soil, maintaining and strengthening the vines, building up humus through composting, applying biodynamic preparations, and working in the rhythms of nature and the moon are the cornerstones of this method of farming.

Elaborate manual work in the vineyard is a prerequisite, as synthetic sprays, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are strictly taboo. The work in the wine cellar is sparing, the wine is guided as gently as possible, and is never manipulated. It gets the time it needs to become high-quality, harmonious, and storable in the bottle.

We follow this path with conviction, and the quality of our wines is the validation!

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We are fortunate to be able to harvest grapes in our own intact biotope.
Rainer Hack