Warga-Hack Wine Estate


Every morning, the view from our window gives us energy for the day. We are lucky to live and work in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. It is not always easy, but we do everything with an awareness for this special location. Wilhelmshöhe has existed in this exact spot for 500 years, and wine has been produced here for at least as long. The wine estate has been in our family since 1921.

A Wine Farmer Pair

We are a married couple

We are parents to three wonderful children

We are deep thinkers, lateral thinkers

We are visionaries and empaths

But we are also business partners

And simply OURSELVES!

Plenty of trust

in biodynamics

We have been farming our vineyards organically since 2004, and biodynamically since 2017. For us, that means respecting nature, giving it space and not thinking of ourselves as overly important. Letting the grass grow between the vineyard rows, admiring the ladybirds and butterflies, the snakes basking in the sun, the beetles in the shade, and appreciating the winter calm. Listening, observing, keeping humble. Feeling convinced of being on the right path. We trust in old wisdom, experience, plenty of gutfeel and nature‘s natural balance.

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We are fortunate to be able to harvest grapes in our own intact biotope.
Rainer Hack