The Wines

Our quality pyramid

As is customary internationally, our wines are bottled under the categories of Ortswein (village wine) and Riedenwein (an Austrian term for a single-site vineyard wine).

All our wines are fermented spontaneously with the grapes’ own natural yeasts, remain in steel tanks or barrels until they reach optimum maturity, and are bottled without any fining agents. We go one step further in the Naturwein (natural wine) category. These are bottled unfiltered and unsulphurised. All of our wines have been organic since the 2009 vintage, and Demeter-certified as of the 2017 vintage.

village wine

Like all of wines of Warga-Hack, the local wines come exclusively from our self-managed vineyards in the Sausal and are sold under the name "Kitzeck-Sausal", at the earliest in the May following their harvest. They stand for Sausal typicality: expression of the soil, clear varietal flavors, delicate fruit, minerality, a fine acidity, and long-lasting on the palate.



We manage the two monopoles (fully owned site). Wilhelmshöhe and Pistor, which are among the best and most demanding sites in the Sausal. In the foreground is the terroir, and with it the soil, microclimate, and signature of the winemaker. The grape variety is clearly recognizable, but subordinates itself to the soil, which is clearly expressed regardless of the respective vintage. After at least one year in the barrel, these wines have a high aging potential.



Only the highest quality grapes from the most barren parts of the vineyards - often only three grapes per vine - are used for this category. The wines of our natural line are aged in 600-liter Startinfass (starter barrels, old Styrian barrel size) and the mash-fermented wines in 300-liter Halbenfass (half barrels, also an old Styrian barrel) before being bottled unfiltered and unsulphurized after two years. These wines are very lively and have a lot of structure. The grape variety recedes into the background, the wines are stable in the open bottle for a long time, and really impress with their richly varied flavor spectrum. Wines for lovers, and still rather the exception in the Sausal.


Warga-Hack’s Vermouth

In Grandmother's time, it was common in the Sausal to drink a glass of vermouth against all kinds of ailments, but above all against melancholy. This old tradition should be taken up again, because the wormwood herb grows wild in our vineyards on the steep southern slopes. This lemony, refreshing vermouth is ideal as an aperitive or a summer evening drink.